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About Dr. Hunter Merriman

Dr. Merriman experienced his own chiropractic miracle after becoming debilitated from a major back injury at just 19 years old. He quickly understood the power of the chiropractic adjustment, which not only lead him to commit to the chiropractic lifestyle but inspired him to become a chiropractor himself so that he could see other lives change as well.

What Makes Next Level Chiropractic So Different?

When selecting your chiropractor the first question you need to ask is, what is my goal? If your goal is to just “get cracked” then this is not the clinic for you. Dr. Merriman is well known for his ability to adjust the spine and provide incredible relief, often instantaneously, however, every adjustment is part of a program specifically designed to promote higher functioning of your unique spine and improve your overall health.

There are several types of chiropractor clinics out there. Some of them base their recommendations on nothing more than guess work or, worse, don’t make recommendations at all! At Next Level Chiropractic, we take pride in being experts at spinal care and, consequently, consider the health of your spine to be of critical importance. We do not base our recommendations on intuition or guess work and we are not an office that provides random walk in “cracks” just to feel better.

Dr. Merriman believes in order to find the right solution to your problem and cause REAL change he needs objective, measurable data. Every adjustment performed by the chiropractor has a specific intent and purpose based on his initial evaluation. We offer an extremely comprehensive spinal analysis utilizing state-of-the-art software and technology in conjunction with a host of different examinations and physical assessments targeted at identifying the origin of your condition. This is the only way to truly customize your treatment program in order for you to achieve the goals you have set and the results you deserve!

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